How Much Does a Dreamcloud Mattress Weigh

A Dreamcloud mattress weighs about 14 pounds. This is a medium-firm mattress that is comfortable for people who sleep on their side, stomach, or back. The mattress is made of memory foam and latex, which makes it resilient and supportive.

It has a layer of gel-infused memory foam that helps to keep you cool at night. The mattress also has a quilted top that adds an extra layer of comfort.

If you’re wondering how much a Dreamcloud mattress weighs, the answer is about average. Most queen-sized mattresses weigh between 50 and 100 pounds, and the Dreamcloud mattress falls right in the middle at 75 pounds. That means it’s not too heavy to move around, but it’s also not so light that it might feel flimsy.

The weight of a mattress is important to consider if you plan on moving it often or if you have any concerns about back pain. A heavier mattress can be more difficult to move, but it will also provide more support. If you’re worried about your back, a heavier mattress might be a better option since it will sink less under your body weight.

How Much Does a Dreamcloud Mattress Weigh


How Much Does a Dreamcloud Premier Weigh?

A DreamCloud Premier mattress weighs approximately 100 pounds. This is a 14-inch thick mattress that is composed of eight layers of premium materials. The topmost layer is a quilted cashmere blend, followed by a layer of gel memory foam.

There are three more layers of high-density foam, two layers of supportive coils, and a base layer of firm support foam. All these materials work together to provide optimal comfort and support for sleepers.

How Much Does a Dreamcloud Queen Mattress Weigh?

A queen-size DreamCloud mattress weighs approximately 103 pounds. The dimensions of a queen-size DreamCloud mattress are 80″ x 60″ x 13″.

How Heavy is a King Size Dreamcloud Mattress?

A king size DreamCloud mattress weighs approximately 80 pounds. The dimensions of a king size mattress are 76″ x 80″.

How Long Can I Leave My Dreamcloud Mattress in the Box?

Assuming you’re talking about a new, unopened DreamCloud mattress: You can technically leave your mattress in the box forever. However, we don’t recommend it.

Mattresses are designed to be used, not stored away in boxes. Over time, mattresses will degrade and lose their comfort and support if left unused in a box. So while you could technically leave your DreamCloud mattress in the box forever, we recommend using it as soon as possible for the best results.

DreamCloud Mattress Weight: How Much Does It Weigh?

How Long Does It Take for a Dreamcloud Mattress to Fully Expand

Assuming you are referring to the Dreamcloud Mattress, it is an all-foam mattress that arrives in a box. It is compressed, rolled and shipped in a box for easy delivery and set up. Once you receive the mattress, simply unbox it, unroll it and watch as it quickly expands to its full size.

The entire process takes less than 5 minutes!


A Dreamcloud mattress typically weighs between 80 and 90 pounds. This weight can vary depending on the size of the mattress, as well as the materials used in its construction. A full-size mattress may weigh more than a twin-size mattress, for example.

The weight of a mattress also varies depending on whether it is made with memory foam, latex, or another type of material.

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