How Much Does a PopSocket Weigh?

It’s a plastic circle that you stick to a flat phone with sticky tape, like a cell phone or tablet. The PopSocket expands like a small accordion when you pull or “pop” it out two or three times, like a small accordion. Putting your fingers between the end of the PopSocket, you can get a better grip on your phone and be more comfortable.

It resembles a small sticker or button. It sticks flat to the phone when the Pop Socket collapses. Its accordion-style design, on the other hand, allows it to expand when needed.

What is the average size of a popsocket and how much does it weigh?

PopSockets grips weigh about 0.48 ounces and have a diameter of 1.56″. A PopSockets grip is 0.25″ tall when collapsed. It stands 0.9″ tall when fully expanded.

What is the thickness of a PopSocket?

The grip-stand is thin enough to support most wireless chargers (though it may be a stretch if you’re wearing a case), but the Ohsnap team has a better solution in the snapcharge, a wireless charger designed specifically for phones that use the Ohsnap.

Is it possible to reuse PopSockets?

Don’t worry if the idea of having a slight bulge on the back of your phone bothers you. PopSockets are simple to install, remove, and reposition at any time.

PopSockets are made up of two parts: the base (the adhesive disc) and the PopTop (the design portion). While the PopTop portion is simple to remove when you’ve had enough of it, removing the base is a little more difficult.

Make sure your PopSocket is flattened before slowly peeling it away from the case to completely remove the base. Slide dental floss or a credit card underneath the platform to lift and separate the adhesive if you’re having trouble removing the PopSocket.

Keep in mind that the adhesive gel will eventually dry out. Simply rinse it with warm water and let it air dry if it feels dry. Make sure it doesn’t take more than 10 minutes to dry.

Why Would You Use a PopSocket?

Why Would You Use a PopSocket?

PopSockets have a lot of uses, despite the fact that you might think they only have one. So, what exactly are PopSockets? They make it much easier to do simple tasks with your smartphone in general. The following pointers will assist you in learning how to use a PopSocket.

  1. Improve Your Grip

A PopSocket is primarily used as an extra grip, which is particularly useful for larger smartphones. A PopSocket is useful if you frequently drop your phone or find it difficult to hold a large phone comfortably.
You can easily hold your phone one-handed with a PopSocket, no matter how large it is. Simply place two fingers on the grip and you’ll be able to hold your phone comfortably without fear of dropping it. You’ll also have quicker access to your phone, ensuring that you’re always camera-ready.

  1. Pose for picture-perfect self-portraits

The PopSocket is great for taking selfies in addition to providing a much better grip on your device.

What is the reason for this? 

The PopSocket makes it easier to hold your phone in one hand while still being able to reach the shutter button. It also gives you more angle flexibility, and the firm grip eliminates the need to fumble around for the most flattering shot.

  1. Use it to prop up your phone as a stand

The PopSocket is perfect for propping up your smartphone or tablet while watching videos or playing games. When using a PopSocket as a stand, it’s best to have two of them connected to your phone or tablet (especially the latter), but one will suffice.

Simply pop out two PopSockets and lean your device in landscape orientation. The PopSocket works best when it is centered on your phone; otherwise, it will fall over.

It’s best to use two PopSockets, slightly off-center at the top and bottom, for larger devices like your tablet. You can easily prop up your tablet on a table this way.

However, if you’re video chatting with someone, you might want to hold your phone vertically. You can do the same thing with a PopSocket—just place it near the base of your phone, pop it out, and it’ll serve as a handy stand.

The PopSockets Multi-Purpose Mount can also be used to hang your PopSocket on any vertical surface. If you’re looking for a car phone holder, the PopSockets Car Mount for your vent, dashboard, or windshield is a great option.

  1. Keep track of your wired earbuds

You may still want to use your phone’s existing headphone jack if you don’t want to use Bluetooth headphones. However, wired earbuds result in tangled messes. PopSockets, thankfully, solves this vexing problem.

Attach one PopSocket to the top and one to the bottom of your phone to accomplish this. When not in use, you can use this setup to wrap your wired earbuds around the PopSockets for tangle-free cord storage. It may appear silly, but it’s far more convenient than having to untangle your earbuds every time you take them out of your pocket.

How do you get rid of a popsocket?

You’ll need dental floss, a flat razor blade, a plastic knife, or a card to remove it. When you find one of the items in your home, you should:

1. Locate a suitable location with a soft, flat surface. The best example is in bed, where your device will stay put even if you drop it.

2. Press down on the popsocket with your finger to collapse it. Before you do that, never try to remove it.

3. Using your fingers’ nails or any of the items listed above, get underneath the base. This creates a lever that can be gently pushed away from the phone until the base disconnects.

4. Keep pushing from one side until the stand finally comes off.

5. Remove any sticky residue that remains.

If you decide to use a razor blade, be careful not to cut yourself or scratch the device. Place the sticky side of the popsocket on the table if you plan to use it again. Contact with linen or other surfaces should be avoided. Remember that you only have about fifteen minutes to reapply it. Otherwise, the sticky substance may dry out or lose its ability to stick in some areas.
Throw it away if you don’t intend to use it again. The manufacturer doesn’t provide any recycling instructions for their products.


Best popsocket for me: May this guide Helps you to choosing the best one

Locate the slots on the Popsocket funnel’s top edge. The main component of a Popsocket is a funnel-shaped piece that sits atop your phone’s sticky base. Around the rim, there are four small slots. The cap has four tabs that fit into these slots and keep the cap attached to the funnel.

The Popsocket cap is the part of the funnel that fits over the larger opening. It’s the part with the picture on it unless you have a plain Popsocket. If the funnel has come loose, reattach it before replacing the cap.

The tabs on the cap should be snapped into the funnel’s open slots. Place the funnel cap on top and start inserting the tabs one by one.

Tilt the cap slightly to push the tab through the hole. After you’ve finished with the first one, go to the next tab and repeat the process. Then, to secure the cap’s opposite end, repeat the process with the remaining tabs. When putting on a cap, use caution.

Even though it’s unlikely that one of the tabs or the funnel will be damaged, take your time to make sure you don’t need to replace everything.


Press down on the cap until you hear a pop to secure it. Keep a firm grip on your phone. To avoid putting pressure on the screen, keep your hands on the case’s edges. Then press firmly against the cap with your thumb or palm. Keep an eye out for a big bang.

It’s a sign that, as the name implies, your Popsocket is still intact and ready to use. Any cap will fit over the funnel you’re using because popsocket caps are interchangeable. If you want to try a new style, you can easily remove the existing cap.


PopGrips by PopSockets are interchangeable What I enjoy

You’ve probably seen one of them in a crowded public space in the last few years: a round little puck on the back of a phone that pops up and down as its owner uses the phone or simply waits in line for Starbucks.

PopSockets are no longer just a phone accessory; they’re a lifestyle and health choice, as they help your hands avoid awkward pinching, stretching, and joint pain while allowing you to comfortably reach more of your phone.

PopSockets come in hundreds of styles, but swapping between your favorite three PopSockets before required either ripping the PopSockets off your phone or having the three PopSockets attached to three different cases.

PopSockets, on the other hand, wants you to buy more, so they’ve taken the problems with swapping and wireless charging and turned it into the best phone grip on the market.


The Positive Of this model

It’s easier on your hands and on your phone. Various types of materials are available. Tops can be swapped out in a flash and are compatible with wireless charging. The phone grip also serves as a fidget toy.

When assembled and attached to the back of your phone case, Swappable PopGrips feel and look the same, which means they’re smooth and downright good in the hand, whether gripped or popping in and out to blow time.

Swappable PopGrips are luring me back to the PopSockets camp thanks to their fancy new features. I’ve been a ring-grip fan for years, but Swappable PopGrips are luring me back to the PopSockets camp thanks to their fancy new features.

The accordion is attached to a metal head that twist-locks into a groove in the plastic base, rather than the flexible, “popping” section being permanently anchored to a groove in the base.

Because of the metal head, you can twist off and swap out the “PopTop” (PopSockets’ name for the top-and-accordion section) to slim down the grip’s profile when Qi charging, or swap it out with any other PopTop PopSockets sells, which is a lot.

Hundreds of PopTops and Swappable PopGrips (a PopTop plus a plastic/adhesive base that sticks to your phone) are available in a variety of patterns, materials, and even charity-supported Poptivist designs.

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