How Much Does One Lindt Truffle Weigh?

A Lindt truffle is a small, round chocolate confection made by Swiss chocolatier Lindt & Sprüngli. The company produces several varieties of truffles, including milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate. Lindt truffles are generally about an inch in diameter and weigh between 10 and 20 grams.

How Much Does One Lindt Truffle Weigh? A Lindt truffle is a small chocolate confection made with a smooth chocolate ganache filling and a hard candy shell. They are named after their creator, Swiss chocolatier Rudolph Lindt.

Lindor truffles weigh an average of 12.5g/0.44oz on average and based on this figure there are 8 truffle balls in 100g.

How Many Calories in One Lindt Milk Chocolate Ball

Chocolate is one of the world’s most popular sweet treats and Lindt is a well-known Swiss chocolatier. Milk chocolate balls are a classic confection from this brand and they are also one of the company’s best-selling products. So, how many calories are in one Lindt milk chocolate ball?

Each Lindt milk chocolate ball contains 80 calories. This is relatively low when compared to other sweet snacks such as cookies or cake. However, it is important to remember that these balls are small in size and therefore you may be tempted to eat more than one at a time!

If you are watching your calorie intake, then you may want to limit yourself to just one Lindt milk chocolate ball per day. Or, if you have a sweet tooth, you could pair it with another healthier snack such as fruit or nuts.

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