What is the Weight of Shrek?

Introduction: Who is Shrek?

Shrek is a character from the children’s book “Shrek!” written by William Steig. He was first drawn as an ogre in 1990, and became popular among children because of his hilarious personality. He has since become one of Dreamworks Animations’ most famous characters.

The story is about an ogre named Shrek who lives in his house on top of a hill, alone with his pets Donkey, Puss-in Boots, and Gingerbread Man. One day when Shrek is getting a massage from a dragon named Fiona, his pet Donkey accidentally breaks his massage table. Fiona decides to get revenge by capturing Shrek and taking him to her kingdom, which is ruled by her dad, King Thorn.

What is the Weight of Shrek?

Many people know that the fictional ogre, Shrek, is 8 feet tall and weighs 450 pounds. He is portrayed as a lazy, grumbling and rather mean ogre who enjoys living in solitude in his swampy home. The question remains: what does such a giant live on? This article will explore how much food Shrek would need to consume to maintain his weight of 450 lbs.

How Much Food Shrek Consumes?

It is important to understand that Shrek is a fictional character, so his habits are entirely up to the author’s imagination. However, the author did use real life data to create the Shrek diet.

Conclusion: The article sets out to answer the question of how much does shrek weigh.

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