What Weighs 17 Pounds? 30 Of Household, Animal, Food

Items weighing around 17 pounds include newborn babies, small dogs, melons, pumpkins, bowling balls, backpacking gear, kettlebells, the average human head, laptop computers, heavy books, medicine balls, large fish, dumbbells, backpack leaf blowers, infant car seats, power tools, barbell plates, a horse saddle, professional cameras, and small suitcases.

From household items to animals and even certain sports equipment, you’ll be amazed at the variety of things that can tip the scales. So, let’s dive right in…

What Weighs 17 Pounds?

At 17 pounds, think newborn babies, small dogs, melons, and pumpkins. Imagine backpacking gear, kettlebells, a laptop, or a hefty stack of books. It’s the weight of a bowling ball, a large fish, or a backpack leaf blower. From infant car seats to power tools and professional cameras, these items share a common weight of 17 pounds, each playing a distinct role in daily life.

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Top Household things that weigh 17 pounds?

Electric kettle

The electric kettle with a 1.7 liter capacity is a common kitchen appliance found in many homes. When completely filled with water, it tips the scales at around 17 pounds depending on the specific model. Lifting and pouring from a brimming kettle takes some effort at this weight.

Dutch oven

Dutch oven that weighs 17 pounds

Dutch ovens are beloved for cooking stews, braises, and soups. A large 6-quart cast iron dutch oven allows cooking hearty meals for the whole family. Between the thick material and capacity, these pots can weigh 16-17 pounds even before adding food. Lifting when full requires care to avoid spills.

Bag of concrete mix

Bags of concrete mix are used for household projects and repairs. A typical 50-pound bag feels noticeably heavy even before opening. After using a third of the concrete, what remains lands in the 15-17 pound range. The powdery material can make the bag awkward to lift and carry.

Stack of books

Stack of books

Books tend to accumulate in homes with readers. Get enough hardbacks stacked together – say around 20-25 – and you have a small library weighing about 17 pounds. Moving and shelving that many books at once is genuinely challenging. A good book lover’s workout!

Tool bag

The trusty tool bag holds the essentials for repairs and projects. With the tools adding up – hammers, wrenches, cordless drills, and more – even an empty bag starts substantial. Fully loaded, a tool bag ranges from 15-17 pounds for a medium-sized one. Expect to feel that weight if lugging it around.


backpack that weighs 17 pounds

School backpacks crammed full with textbooks, laptops, notebooks and more make their weight known. An overloaded backpack for older students can hover around 15-17 pounds. The strain of heavy backpacks on kids is an issue receiving greater awareness and concern.

Bowling ball

At 16-17 pounds, a regulation bowling ball makes its presence felt when lifted, cradled in fingers and heaved down the alley. Serious bowlers regularly lift these substantial spheres with ease. The average person may find the weight surprise them if they give bowling a try.

Bag of dog food

Bag of dog food

Bags of kibble feed our furry companions. A 20-pound bag of dry dog food, even after using some, still weighs about 16-17 pounds. Pet owners soon adapt to schlepping around such a heavy bag, though it can be awkward to lift. Having a place to store it at waist height helps.


Even when empty, checked suitcases are designed with durability and security in mind, adding bulk and weight. A medium-sized one around 24 inches long usually starts at 14-16 pounds. Pack clothes and travel necessities for a 1-2 week trip, and you have a small movable load weighing on the heavier side to wrestle around.

What Animals Weigh Approximately 17 Pounds?

Small Dog Breeds

At 17 pounds, many small dog breeds like French Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, and some Beagles reach their ideal adult weight. These cute canine companions boast lively and affectionate personalities combined with compact sizes suited for apartment living. They enjoy activities like playing fetch, learning tricks, or curling up on the sofa with beloved human friends.

Large Cat Breeds

Large Cat Breeds

Numerous pedigreed cats like Maine Coons and Norwegian Forest Cats commonly achieve 17 pounds in their prime. These hearty felines retain kitten-like playfulness through adulthood with their human families. They enjoy perching in high vantage points, batting toy mice or feathers, and sprawling out in laps for petting and brushing sessions. Their lush coats and imposing purrs give them magnetic personalities.

Juvenile Potbellied Pigs

At 3-16 months old, potbellied pigs generally weigh between 8-17 pounds. By age 2-4, they may reach over 100 pounds! But at one year old, these pets present as manageable with their sociable and intelligent nature. They bond strongly with caretakers, playfully rooting and exploring their environments. Despite eventual largeness, potbellies think they are lap pigs!

North American River Otters

The average mature North American river otter weighs 8-20 pounds. These semiaquatic members of the weasel family use their speed and agility in water to catch food like fish, amphibians, crustaceans and other small aquatic life. They are very social animals, living in family groups of typically 5-7 otters with strong bonds between mates.

Brush Rabbits

Brush Rabbits

Brush rabbits, also called swamp rabbits, thrive across habitats in southern U.S. states. Weighing 5-20 pounds as adults, a healthy 17 pound cottontail rabbit would not be uncommon amongst these wild species. They stick to thickets and brambly bushes which provide protection and food sources. Fast and strong hind legs allow them to evade predators when necessary.

Muscovy Ducks

A large domestic duck breed, adult Muscovy ducks average 10-15 pounds for females and 12-20 pounds for males. A 17 pound mature male Muscovy would be typical for this unusual waterfowl species. Originally from Mexico and Central America, they sport red facial skin and fleshy caruncles above the beak. Despite odd appearances, they are friendly backyard ducks.



Lambs grow rapidly within their first year, which is when many may hit target weights for harvest or sale, often falling in the 10-20 pound range. A 17 pound lamb would be a reasonable size for a young ovine animal being raised in a small operation. Their mild temperaments and playful tendencies make lambs endearing livestock.

Common Wombats

Endemic to parts of Australia, these chunky, muscular marsupials typically weigh between 17-39 pounds at maturity. About the size of medium dogs, common wombats use their sharp claws and brute strength to dig extensive burrows for shelter and protection. Though not overtly social or affectionate, wombats coexist alongside humans when space allows.

Siberian Huskies

Siberian huskies were historically bred as hardy sled dogs able to tolerate frigid conditions. They weigh around 35-65 pounds fully grown. But at 8-10 months old, a husky in the midst of their rapid development may hit 17 pounds on their way to final size. Keen intelligence and loyalty balance their high energy reserves as youths.

Flemish Giant Rabbits

Among the largest rabbit breeds, Flemish giants average 10-20 pounds, with some exceptional specimens over 25 pounds. A 17 pound junior Flemish giant would be an impressively sizable bunny destined for greater proportions over the next year. Their gentle nature despite size makes them ideal house rabbits. Daily exercise and vegetable treats keep them content.

Food Items That Weighs 17 lbs (pound)

Large Watermelon

Large Watermelon

A thick-rinded watermelon grows to roughly 17 pounds. Inside the green and white exterior is sweet red flesh perfect for summer. People enjoy the juice and fruit in agua fresca drinks and fruit salads. Watermelon provides refreshing sweetness during hot weather.

Enormous Pumpkin

A giant pumpkin can pass 17 pounds before harvest season ends. It starts from a tiny seed and enlarges into bright orange squash. Strings and seeds fill the inside cavity which get washed and roasted. Such a sizable fall pumpkin means ample fresh flesh for numerous pies and baked goods.

Bag of Potatoes

Bag of Potatoes

Over 30 brown-skinned potatoes fill a full 20-pound bag weighing about 17 pounds. Underneath the dirt-covered skin is starchy white potato goodness. They get chopped into piles of fries or tots, mashed, baked, or added to ample casseroles and soups to feed lots of people.

Sizable Cured Ham Leg

Aged for over three years, some acorn-fed Spanish jamón ibérico hams weigh up to 17 pounds fully cured. Smooth and dark red with creamy white fat, the gourmet meat is hand-sliced paper thin to showcase its refined flavor. Carefully portioned, 17 pounds of ham elegantly tops toast points, crostini and tapas for guests.

Lots of Onions

Purchase a bag with over 15 pounds of onions weighing approximately 17 pounds total. Their crisp bulbs have layers of savory tissue that enhances food. Expect tears when chopping so many onions. But caramelizing 17 pounds yields delicious additions like salads, burgers, stir fries and other recipes for big groups.

Sweet Giant Honeydew Melon

Weighing up to 17 pounds, an oversized honeydew melon feeds lots of people with its pale green inner fruit. Beneath the green skin, the flesh stays remarkably sweet and juicy when cut. A melon over 15 pounds allows blending many smoothies plus mixing ample bowls of fruit salad or chilled soup.

Spiky Pineapples

Three large, spiny pineapples with tangy golden insides can total 17 pounds of tropical fruit. Sweet and savory chunks, spears or juice get incorporated into salsa and other recipes for crowds. That many pineapples yields sufficient quantity for big gatherings wanting a fruity kick.

Big Green Cabbage

A massive green cabbage may hit 17 pounds matured in nutrient-rich soil. Removing exterior leaves reveals abundant crisp inner ones destined for slaws. Chopped cabbage also stews long hours in hearty winter roasts and stews meant to serve multiples. 17 pounds provides lots of versatile vegetable matter.

Heavy Cantaloupes

Two oval cantaloupes can weigh about nine pounds each, combining as 17 pounds total. Tan, netted skin conceals fragrant orange fruit smelling ripe and alluring. Sweet melons weighing this much give ample chunks and halves for abundant fruit bowls topped with ice cream if desired.

Box of Apples

Box of Apples

Granny Smith and other apple varieties box up around 17 pounds of tart fruit in each 20-pound bulk case. Around 100 small apples fit inside ready for juicing, saucing, baking treats, or snacking on the go. That quantity yields sufficient crunchy fruit to feed apple fans.

Is 17 Pounds Heavy?

17 pounds feels heavy depending on who or what’s carrying it!

For an adult, it might be a healthy weight loss goal or a light backpack. But for a young child, it could be cumbersome.

Think of it like grocery bags: 17 pounds of apples feel lighter than the same weight in bricks. So, it’s all relative! Ultimately it can be heavy or light depending on the context.

how much is 17 pounds?

17 pounds is a friendly 7.7 kilograms, your trusty travel companion’s weight in ounces (272 to be precise!), or a hefty 7,711 grams for the baking enthusiast. It’s not feather-light, but you can carry it with ease, like a well-loved backpack or a stack of your favorite novels. Think of it as the weight of possibility, ready for your next adventure!

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